Riordan Information System

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Riordan manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer headquartered in San Jose. The company has production lines in Georgia, Michigan, and China. Because of constant changes in information and information needed to be processed, Riordan needs a new information system to communicate across the business as seamless of a way as possible. This paper is going to propose a new system for Riordan manufacturing that will streamline analogue mechanics already in place in the business. By drafting a plan to use new systems and create a more organized working environment. It is highly anticipated that Riordan will adopt the plan as soon as possible and enhance the company’s future of transferring and sharing information. Information technology (IT) systems are integrated pieces of software used to manage personnel, production, finance, materials, marketing, and any other process needed by the company to succeed. By becoming more automated, Riordan will substantially increase its output and working environment to meet the demands of modern information processing. The main objective is to bring the information currently being processed by Riordan into a digital arena. By doing this, the information system will become something manageable and easily altered when needed.
Planning for the implementation of the new Riordan Information System The planning will be done in phases. Phase one will be laying out a plan. This plan will include identification of qualified personnel to facilitate the implementation of the new Riordan Information System. The Riordan System Team or R.S.T. will consist of at least one system engineer, warehouse supervisor, inventory supervisor, management personnel, and a software engineer. The systems engineer will essentially be the brains of the system. He will be in charge of the hardware and architectural of the information system. The warehouse supervisor would be the one that advises everyone else of the demands of the system and the problems in the chain that will have direct effects on the system. The inventory supervisor, previously, did most of the input related to the inventory taking. He would tell the systems engineer what he would need within the system. The management personnel would also be on this team to ultimately make decisions and push the information forward onto the rest of the operation. The software engineer would code the programs needed into the computer system. The second step is to have a budget set before everyone that is involved in the planning of the new system. Management of scope-creep will also be discussed. Methods of avoiding unnecessary associated costs will also be discussed throughout the project planning and implementation. Ways of saving money on repairs, upgrades, and initial installation will be written down and noted. The management will again make decisions related to putting money into this project.
The third step is the discussion about how to manage the data that will be placed in the new system. Much of the old information will be stored externally so that it can be inputted into the new system and subsequently used. The methods of storage will be discussed by the RST team. This backup can be done on non-computerized material or computerized material. Manually backing the data up is always an option, but it is time consuming and somewhat wasteful. Backing the data up on disks, floppy disks, hard drives, or other storage mediums are preferable to writing everything on paper. It is quicker but not cheaper. If the data transfer is done, then it needs to be done as seamlessly and without much loss. Manufacturing Information Systems
Although Riordan can use existing systems that other companies use, it may be best to use something specifically made for the needs of the company. This can be done in house or through vendors which are hired to complete such tasks. The new system will integrate various