Essay on Systems Case Study

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Part 1 – System Case Study

New York City Subway

Executive Summary
A report has been conducted to form literature review on the New York City Subway, an engineering system, which analyses the systems key elements and interactions as well as the context for its operations and future challenges it may face.
As the New York City Subway system is an incredibly complex engineering system that involes many vital subsytems, all of which have an important role in the operation of this system, there is as a result many issues that can effect and influence this system such as environmental, political, cultural and technical. This will cause for future issues to be addressed by engineers and scientists such as the addaptation
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The whole purpose of the rail transportation system is to create a more efficient, convenient and more simple way for people to travel to and from a desired location. A high level of intelligent communication and interactions between the subsystems allows the system to meet its desired outcomes.
As transportation is the users need there is a strong interaction between the customers and the operation subsystems. In order to meet customers’ needs the operation of this system needs to be working efficiently, this requires all the parts involved in this subsystem to be running proficiently as any dilemmas within this subsystem can impact the customers causing problems such as delays and accidents which can lead to many complications with the system as a whole [6].
In order to meet customers needs there is a strong interaction between the operation and the manufacturing and maintainance subsystems. In order to operate the system there initially needs to be parts that have been manufactured such as tracks, stations and trains. However once the system is running constant maintenance on parts as well as the manufacturing of new parts are needed in order to allow to allow for the operation of the system to run efficiently [4]. Problems in the manufacturing and mainanace system can