HRM520 Week 3 Assignment

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(Regan, 2002)

Assess the (3) most significant risks associated with combining products from multiple vendors into one (1) HRIS.
When working with multiple vendors to provide one solution, we must think risks associated with not having all the resources coming from one vendor. One risk factor to consider is software compatibility issues. Not all software code is created equally. Therefore, when working with multiple vendors there is a risk of software bugs which could compromise data integrity. Another risk factor to consider is dependency and viability. When purchasing software that isn’t a total solution, you must take into account whether independent software vendor (ISV) will be around for the duration.
Large providers such as Oracle, SAP, and Lawson use alliance programs to get closer to being viewed as a total solution. These programs would be the most stable and economical route to take. (Kavanagh, 2012)

Predict three (3) unintended consequences of not managing an HR database properly and how you would circumvent those situations from occurring.
While having information stored into a database has its advantages, there are situations that could occur that could be a potential nightmare for those who rely on its information to be easily accessible and accurate.
As a previous Database Department Manager