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Energy Systems
Nearly all engineered systems require energy to function
Sources of energy can include; geothermal, wind, solar, waves, bio
Forms of energy are Electrical, Mechanical, Heat, Nuclear, Potential and Kinetic
Transducers are systems that convert one form of energy to another.
Potential energy is related to the state of something and the energy it can produce when influenced by another energy source
Kinetic energy is any object in motion
Brayton Cycle is related to the combustion engine. (Constant pressure from heat engine)
Pistons compress air + fuel mixture
Sparkplug expands mixture
Piston drives crankshaft
Rankine cycle relates to the energy produced from a steam engine
Heat turns water to steam
Steam builds pressure
Pressure drives turbine
Energy Generation
Brown Coal burns to boil water
Non Renewable
Turbine Spins
Generator Produces Energy
Potential Energy
Turbine Spins
Generator Produces Energy
Potential Energy
Turbine Spins
Generator Produces Energy
Thermal Towers
Solar Panels – Heat Water
Solar Photovoltaic Cells – Generates electricity
Burning Wood
Fission – Splitting of Atoms to provide heat energy, which is then used to boil water to create steam, in turn spinning a turbine.
Fusion – Is the forcing of Atoms together which also provides heat. This is how the sun produces energy.
Water is used in most of the systems as a coolant or to produce steam.
Scrubbers cover a range of air pollution control devices that are used to…