Systems: Sql and Database Management Systems Essay

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ch 7 Systems
1. When doing a traditional file you can make an error and it could be wrong in more than one location making it a huge problem. Also it takes up tons of space which means money.
2. A database typically stores data values in tables. Databases offer a greater range of complexity in terms of data manipulation. With database management systems, several people can access the same data set.
3. Database management system is a software that manages database on a computer. Eg. Microsoft access, MySQL, oracle. Database are classified according to their organizational approach.
4. To help with problems, you can fix it easier and faster.
6. reduced maintenance, High code reusability and improved reliability and flexibility, these are all advantages. Disadvantages are, not accepted by major vendors, is not a panacea.
7. A database contains specific content, normally human added. When discussing a "library" database this is generally journal or magazine articles, sometimes newspaper stories. Items are selected for inclusion in a database. Content is NOT random. A search engine searches the web and reads pages looking for content.
8. Customer to Book Rental, when u rent a book you are a customer and your name will go in the Book Rental. Customer to Paid maybe you have a database that shows who have paid you and who have not. Revenue to Account to Expenses showing what is going in and what is going out, accounting just showing the difference between the two. Sales to product amount. Sales to inventory to expenses.
9. Customer to product, who has received the product and who hasn’t