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Systems and Multi-Cultural Approaches Darla K. Parido
CJHS 400
November 17, 2014
Justina Smith
Systems and Multi-Cultural Approaches
Systems Theory Definition The systems theory of psychology uses multifaceted systems to discover behavioral pattern and the human experience. “The technique relies on identifying specific behavior patterns and how each member responds to anxiety within the dynamic. By doing this, the individual participants can begin to understand and transform their patterns to more adaptive, productive behaviors” (, 2014 p. 1).
Multicultural Approaches Definition The Multicultural Approach to psychology is a “systematic study of all aspects of human behavior as it occurs in settings where people of
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In order to understand her Muslim faith and her specific diet and prayer needs based on her religion the best approach to use would be the culturally competent approach. Why use this approach – This approach allows for the therapist “understand the context and culture in which these behaviors occur. Culture competence does not mean unconditional positive regard or acceptance of all behaviors. Rather, it requires openness to understanding the complexity of the behavior and an appreciation of the role culture plays in shaping and reinforcing human behavior” (Jones-Smith, 2012, p. 140).
The Approach – Jasmine is a female who has had quite a history of both physical and mental abuse by an older man while growing up. She currently incarcerated. She suffers from flashbacks when men touch her but seems to feel more comfortable around female corrections officers. She will accept male corrections officer approaching only if they explain the circumstances of the approach. Jasmine more than likely is suffering from PTSD and possibly borderline personality disorder.
Why use this approach – Jasmine would best be served by utilizing the Esuba approach which is “psychoeducational therapy group that provides an emotionally and physically safe environment, remembrance and mourning for past experiences, and finally reconnection or movement toward the future” (Jones-Smith, 2012, p. 223). Being in a group therapy