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Sze, HauTan
Do Not Ignore Our Brave and Thoughtful Citizens The Little Rock nine is a part of famous history of America; everybody knows this because we have to learn this in our U.S history class. The Little Rock nine were nine African American students who attended all white student high school to participate integrate of school. Those warriors wanted to change their society and helped their people. Even though they were small group of people, they full of power of their courage and the view of future. Anthropologist
Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” In other word, minority has power to change the world because they have their own thought, and they think they have responsibility to reform the society better. Based on what Margaret Mead said, I think we have to listen to a small group of thoughtful; their thinking can be a big effect to all of us, communicating with them can open your mind and have a different point of view. Without loyal and brave citizens the world won’t change. There are not many people willing to give up a safe life to go into a harsh life and always on the alert for some danger. The little Rock nine stands for themselve to catch the opportunity attend Central High to desegregate school. LaNier was one of the Little Rock nine, she signed up to attend Central High because she thought Central High was a gold ring. She thought she would get more benefit if she attended Central High, and she knew go to there was a step to have

dreams. Additionally, Melba said that “Most of all, we were individualist with strong opinion.
Each of us planned to go to college. ”(Source:
Warrior Don’t Cry
) It means they all had personal opinion, they won’t follow what the majority do because they knew what the others do is not what they wanted. They wanted to live for themselves. Their thoughtful mind made them signed up to attend Central High, and understand that Central was the way to enter their ideal college.
They knew that if they have no college diploma they can’t get a little bit better job, their people only had few job options, and earn tolerable salaries, they knew it is hard to compete to white people even though they get higher education, so that getting better education is only thing they can do with their future. Moreover, after Melba signed up to attend Central, she and her family always got mobs calling to threaten them. The book mention that “One caller said he knew our address and would be right over to bomb house” (Source:
Warrior Don’t Cry
) Melba understanded her family will go into danger and her life will always keep nervous but she still wanted to attend Central High because she thought she had duty to change Little Rock and this is the assignment the god gave her. According to the above, the Little Rock nine gave up their precious and sweet age had fun with their friends during high school time in order to do the first step for their people and the society. They gave up a lot because they wanted to change Little
Rock became desegregation just like the north state African American knew that they had to tolerate many things, and even something out of their expectation. They knew keep peace in their heart can avoided many dangers; never use violence fight back is their belief. According to the
Warriors Don’t Cry
, Melba’s grandma said
“You’d have to told the boys who did this, ‘thank you’, with a smile. Then you’ve changed the rules of the game. What they want is for you to be unhappy. That’s how they get

Warriors Don’t Cry
) This show Melba’s grandmother understanded people’s psychology, she knew those boy wanted Melba react what they expected, they wanted Melba has a big respond to them and get mad. Therefore, Melba did the