T Bone Short Story

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A Little Brighter World After All
Once upon a time in a not so far away land, a man born to bring great in the world finally fitted the title he was born to have. One inspiring day a man Named T-Bone, came up with the marvelous idea to make this thing that makes deadly beast that infects you not so deadly to the soul. T-Bone made the the lilypad for the cancer kids at the San Antonio Children's Hospital. This little lilly pad, sat everyday at the bollom of and IV pole and everyday a little kid sat on him and oh how he made these little kids happy. He scuttled them all around the hospital, up the ramps and down the ramps, in the elevator, to the foot court, even back to their rooms. Everyday these little lilly pad made this rough journey a little easier. With him little kids started to forget how much the pain hurts, or how that stupid IV is still stuck in their veins. It made every single day a little bit brighter in a dark, dark, world. The Lilly pad was so happy too, even though he was made out of wood, he was happy.
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She was only about 5 or 6. Too young to leave but old enough to know why she might leave. She was happy, she rode on the little lily pad everyday she went to that hospital. The same lily pad which had a meadow with a patch of flowers and it had a tree and a bird and butterflies. Then one day she was gone, she didn't came back for a long, long, time. The little lily pad waited, and waited, and waited. Days, to weeks, to even months. and the little lily pad thought, “Maybe she's gone forever, maybe she passed away,maybe she just got sick of me and found a new lily pad to sit on.” So he gave