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D1+D2+D3 - There are myriad topics in our wider society that bear on the lives of youngsters and youthful people and their upbringing. It is salient that practitioners keep in mind the uniqueness of every child and young person’s situation. This engages understanding the possible impact that the social and economic environment may suffer on their personal outcomes and life changes. Social factors include parent’s separation, living with one parent and living in a care home. Economic factors include a child living with an unemployed parent or parents. “As a practitioner, part of your role will be to be aware of the issues that can have a positive or negative influence on children’s lives” (Penny Tassoni, 2012, page 187, 13/1/2015, 13:54) the key issues that I have identified are: Poverty, looked-after children, and health status.
I believe that a minor suffering from poverty and deprivation can affect a child’s wellness and training. Children living with families with low income are likely to live in the poorest areas and weigh less than children who are born in the richest areas. Children are also probable to suffer chronic illnesses during childhood. A research has proven that only 48% of 5 year olds are entitled to free school meals. This can involve a child’s development as they are not getting the right minerals essential for a youngster to take which can lead to diseases and affections. Poverty is on the program of the every child matters framework, with one of the five outcomes declaring that every child should achieve wealth and financial well-being. This implies that it is critical to assure that kids living through poverty have the same opportunities as their equals. “According to every child matters, young people aged 16 to 18 who are NEET (Not in education, employment or training) face a future of further unemployment, low income, poor physical health, teenage motherhood and depression.” (Carolyn Meggit, page 184, 2012) Children living in poverty have rapidly increased over the years. “There are presently 3.5 million kids living in poverty in the UK” (, 17/01/2015,16:10) That is almost a third of all kids. Other elements can also cause an impact on poverty. For instance, if the child’s parents have a disability, addictions, lone parents or poor health. Poverty prevents people to live in poor, overcrowded housing. Children living in poor, overcrowded are to be risk of infections and have mental health problems. ‘Young people and children that are in the upkeep of local agencies are reported as “looked after children’. “Looked after children” are one of the most vulnerable groups in the society.’ (Carolyn Meggit, 2012, page 68, 19/01/2015, 15:06) Children and young people are in need of a safe, warm, and steady environment, which is one of the major reasons for them to be under the care of their local authority, and many of them will not have gained secure attachments. The majority of…