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t189 session 6

Answer all 20 questions
Question 1
Which of these two photos would make a good black and white image?


Select one option
A Image (a)
B Image (b)
Question 2
Which of the following problems does this image definitely suffer from?

Select one option
A Overexposure
B No clear subject
C Tilted image
Question 3
Use the T189 FAQs to answer the following question on using forums.
What is the ‘golden rule’ of using forums?
Select one option
A The only silly questions are the ones that aren’t asked
B The only silly questions are the ones that you should know the answers to before doing T189
C The only silly questions are those that you could have asked a friend to answer without posting to a forum
Question 4
Which of the following should you avoid when taking pictures?
Select two options
A Taking pictures of children
B Having the subject level with the camera
C Having a lamp-post appearing to grow out of the subject
D Positioning the subject in the correct arrangement for the image
E Objects or subjects cut off in a strange way
Question 5
You are out taking pictures one snowy morning and you notice the curious colour cast when reviewing your images on the camera’s LCD, as shown below. Adjusting which camera control is most likely to solve the problem?

Select one option
B – White balance
C – Aperture
D – Shutter speed
Question 6
When referring to colour, what is meant by ‘saturation’?
Select one option
A The strength or vividness of a colour
B The redness of any given colour
C The location of a colour in the visible spectrum
D How wet a colour appears
Question 7
Which of the following zoom options uses only a fraction of the camera’s pixels on the sensor to achieve a closer view?
Choose one option
A Foot zoom
B Optical zoom
C Digital zoom
Question 8
Which of the following qualities contribute to a good composition?
Select as many options as apply
A Spatial arrangement
B Balance of colour
C Correct exposure
D Busy background
Question 9
With a camera set to fully manual operation, which of these settings enable you to alter the amount of light coming into the camera?
Select as many options as apply
B Aperture setting
C Shutter speed
D White balance
Question 10
Which set of positive and negative associations is linked to the colour blue?
Select one option
A Formality, solidity, fear, evil
B Illness, cowardly, optimism
C Inexperience, on, safety
D Peace, depth, obscenity
E Clinical, innocence, purity
Question 11
What size lens with a viewing angle of 46° is often compared to the human eye?
Select one option
A 18 mm
B 25 mm
C 50 mm
D 105 mm
E 180 mm
F 200 mm
Question 12
What three colours of the visible spectrum are camera sensors designed to capture?
Select one option
A Yellow, red and blue
B Red, green and yellow
C Green, blue and red
D Cyan, magenta and blue
E Red, orange and blue
F Blue, green and yellow
G Violet, red and brown
Question 13
Which of the following three sets of images, which are all taken from the same position, correctly orders the images, from left to right, from shortest to longest focal length used?

Set A

Set B