TBS 920 International Business Strategy :Nokia India Country Strategy Essay

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TBS 920 – International
Business Strategy


Curriculum and Business Profile

Company profile
Guest country profile
Economic, Cultural and Political Analysis
Technological Analysis
Entering and functional strategies
Marketing Strategy of Nokia in India
SWOT & PESTEL analysis

Company profile
• Formed in 1865 by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam in a village named Nokia in Southwestern Finland
• First business was in wood pulp mill
• In 1920, Finnish Rubber Works was acquired by Nokia
• 1922, Finnish cable works merged in Nokia and Nokia was know as footwear (galoshes) and tyres, went on to manufacture rubber bands,
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• Nokia in 2003 become the first phone to launch the games downloading services.
• Nokia was market leader in colour handsets but it introduces several colourful model in India for Indian tastes of Colours.
• Nokia in 2005 tied up with Airtel(India’s biggest operator) and launched Airtel branded phones with Airtel ringtones and branding on the phones

Marketing Strategy of Nokia in India
• Lower price range (less than INR8000 or $150 approx.) linked to 70% of the total sales in India
• Nokia 1200, was called the “made for India” phone launched for India at a price level at USD 100.
• The important strategically move by Nokia with regard to bring in a lower range price model in India compared to other countries for the same model

Place (Distribution)
• segmented into two, high end niche phone and FMCG space with the low value mass
• Nokia in 1996 partnered up with HCL Corporation in for the values chain with respect to distributors of mobile phones in the country
• Nokia Professional Centres (NPCs)/Nokia shops were opened in key cities
• Nokia 'Concept stores

Marketing Strategy of Nokia in India
• Marketing and advertising campaigns for which it engaged with leading Indian marketing and advertising companies
• focused on its Global Research and development and various global awards which the company has won to demonstrate its global presence and reputations of the mobile