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Technocrats and Canada: Starting Point for Border Security Architecture
Derek Brown
Grantham University


This paper will discuss the role of technocrats in Homeland Security and this paper will discuss whether or not Canada should of been the starting point for border security architecture. What is a technocrat? Is it some new genre of music for bureaucrats? Or is it what you get when you cross the techno genre and a Politian? Actually, it’s none of these; a technocrat is someone who feels many important issues in society can be solved using technology focused solutions. Should technology be used as a means of minimizing terrorism? Or should we continue to use current methods already in place? Tom Ridge and
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(Leman-Langlois, Brodeur, 2005)." In 1999, there was the Ressam arrest, which showed the possibility that a terrorist coulde use Canada as transit point to the United States, even though it wasn't a factor in the 9/11 attacks. The Canadian/U.S. border is lightly defended in many places and they could serve as an entry point for terrorist and it has been said every known terrorist organization in the world has ties to Canada. "The Ressam arrest in 1999 had showed the possibility that a terrorist could use Canada as a transit point to the United States. The long northern border was lightly defended in most places, and virtually every know terrorist organization in the world had some presence in Canada (Alden, 2008)." Technocrats believed technology could solve the terrorism issues if used in a effective and efficient manner and the its use could preclude the entry of terrorist from entering the United States without backups at larger border entry point, either pedestrian or vehicular. Canada's borders should of been the obvious choice for border security architecture, due to the lack of security in some areas, as well as, their visa