Essay on THE COLONIES pt1 the encounters

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Assignment #2

Part One: The Encounters

Chapter One: Natives:

Old world explorers encountered in the new world complex and diverse peoples—who, where, etc? Old world explorers encountered Native Americans in North America.

Pre-Columbian America is “fraught with controversy.” What conflicts were they?
Native Americans had conflict with the Europeans over social and environmental problems; this led to violence and war. Also, Europeans and Native Americans were both violent and Europeans enslaved and killed Natives to conquer land and people.

Without making Europeans out to be vile, cruel and violent, we should recognize that they had superior power but they gave new additions to Native Americans.
Europeans brought
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What did Coronado do and how does the seven cities myth develop? What happened to his money?
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado commanded an expedition to explore the claims of Fray Marcos de Niza. He and his men were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyons. They myth developed by the misinformation provided by Fray Marcos. Coronado’s money went to his expedition to find gold and silver, he never recovered his fortune after the fruitless expeditions.

Florida became the focus of Spain—why? How?
The Spanish were dealt serious blows by the French and English raiders in the Gulf between Florida and Cuba. The Spanish crown began to build fortresses along the Atlantic coast of Florida, for protection of the shipping and redeem the castaways.

Spain reaches west to New Mexico—use of the Adelanto system. Who was Onate?
Don Juan Onate was the Adelanto that pushed north along the Rio Grande Valley and found New Mexico. Onate continued a fruitless conquest and when the Franciscans caught on they ended Onate’s service to Spain.
What significance can be attached to New Mexico Missions? Franciscans, Benedictines, Dominicans.
The New Mexico missions were somewhat effective in converting natives to Christianity. The Franciscans asked a lot of the natives by destroying the culture and introducing their own. Many natives were baptized and converted but they retained much of their beliefs and simply added the new ideas.
What was the Pueblo Revolt,