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Question 1 (Weighting: 5)
Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. My role in contributing to a lesson teaching a group of seven year old children how to play percussion instruments, would start before the lesson had begun. Firstly I would liaise with the teacher to assess exactly how many instruments would be required during the lesson. Then I would speak with relevant personnel to confirm the classes use of said equipment, informing them exactly when I would require the instruments, how many we'd use, and exactly when they'd be returned, filling out necessary paperwork if required. I would then ensure all instruments are ready for use, checking them for defects and other issues that would pose a risk to the safety and well being of the class. After bringing the instruments to the class, I would quietly prepare the instruments in the classroom whilst the teacher was briefing the children. Ensuring that everything was set up, ready to use as soon as the teacher required it. I would survey the classroom, making sure it was a clean and tidy environment for the children to learn in. I would take care to ensure that there were no hazards in the room and that it was as safe as it could be. I would then supervise the children in using the instruments, being a good role model by showing the children the appropriate way to use and play the instruments. While the lesson was in progress, I would observe the class and to the best of my abilities assist with any child who appeared to be struggling in the lesson. If all the children were conducting themselves sensibly, I could focus my attention to any member of the class who may have any additional needs. This would prevent the child becoming bored and disinterested as they couldn't access the learning. Throughout the lesson I would monitor the children's progression in the lesson, making note of anything I'd need to inform the teacher about later. Whether it's a lower ability child performing well, or a higher ability child not performing to their potential, the teacher should be made aware if they aren't already. If possible I would also document the lesson through video and photographs. This would be greatly beneficial to the children as well as the teacher. It firstly gives the children another chance to reflect of their understanding and ability of the task. It also allows the teacher an opportunity to review the lesson in case any improvements or adjustments need to be made if there comes a time when the lesson needs to be taught to another class. Finally when the lesson has concluded I would have to ensure that all children return the instruments to me in a reasonable and sensible manner. I would then and there check that no damage had been sustained to any of the equipment, and that if any had, I'd inform the teacher as well as any maintenance staff which it would concern. I would then take all necessary equipment back to where it belonged, informing appropriate staff if necessary.

Question 2 (Weighting: 5)
What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson?
If the classroom is correctly organised, it allows the children to access all that they would need in order to achieve the learning objection. As a result of this my role is very important to their understanding. I must liaise with the teacher and discuss their teaching plan with them to ensure the classroom can be optimised for achieving learning objective. In this case I would ensure the room was clean and tidy, and that space was created to allow the children to perform with their instruments. If music sheets were required with this lesson, then I would ensure they were all printed and distributed amongst the classroom. Then I would speak with relevant personnel to confirm the classes use of said equipment, informing them exactly when I