Ta-Nehsi's The Case For Reparations Summary

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“The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehsi Coastes talks about how African-Americans have been essentially robbed. By robbing meaning of labor, civil rights and basic human right during slavery. More African-American was lynched right before the election so they can be robbed of their vote. The argument is who deserve reparation and what form should they take. Reparation is pretty much a compensation to a victim of an injustice act. In other words, should African American now receive a compensation for the crimes committed to them in previous generations? Ta-Nehsi argues that threw out the whole article how injustice African America was treated, but he doesn’t state that every dollar so is given up to every African American for the crimes committed to them. He states who the nation should consider owing the African …show more content…
Now a day we pay respect for how African Americans got treated no matter how much money or any compensation the history is still there. It easier for people that are not full Caucasian to receive a full scholarship than if you were Caucasian. In a way, the government knows that there was an injustice act with their race, but there are still groups of people that believe in white supremacy like the Ku Klux Klan endorsed Donald Trump in this recent election. In this election, there were many disputes about him being racists and sexist. In my point of view, there are many groups that are being treated injustice probably not as harsh as it was before, but we still face the fact of inequality and in my opinion, there is no way that everyone can be satisfied. There are too many people in the nation or even the world to be equally treated plus the fact people think there are better than others. I don’t find it convincing that African American should get reparation because they do get more of a chance of scholarships or seem like they should be treated more