Essay about Ta and Gestalt

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In this essay I will give an explanation of my understanding of Transactional Analysis, more commonly known as ‘TA’, and the Gestalt theory to counselling, as discussed in module one, year three of the Chrysalis Counselling course. I will then apply these approaches, and demonstrate the methodology to a previous client case study, discussing what I could have achieved. I will offer a brief outline of the case in question to allow for clear understanding of the presenting issue, and the possible outcomes that could be approached with counselling. I will consider what I have learnt from this research, and what I could take into my future work. I will conclude with a brief summary.
Firstly, I will begin by explaining the meaning of
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The client needs to accept themselves completely, and address the issues that have influenced their past decisions and actions, and this in turn leads them to a full awareness of themselves. The development starts after the individual acknowledges pain of the past, and only when the person becomes free from fear and nervousness. It is common in Gestalt therapy for the therapist to get the client to talk to an empty chair. The client can then express their concern and bring their unresolved issues from the past into the present, without actually addressing the person that they have the issue with.
The objective of this therapy is, to help the person to obtain a greater independence in their actions, and the ability to face up to the blockages that prevent them developing naturally. The idea is to replace the concept of blame, with responsibility.
Gestalt therapists will typically employ five questions all starting with ‘What do you’….do, feel, want, expect and avoid. This increases the patient/client’s self-awareness, and understanding and helps them to put sense to these answers, and ultimately to put their past ‘behind them’.
The case study that I would like to use is a lady who hits 40 years old at the end of this year. She has never been married, and has no children. She would dearly love both, but has had issues with relationships, and seems to select partners that continue to have similarities that make her family