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Oral Presentation,

Good morning everyone, as many of you know my name is Luke and today I'll be doing an oral presentation, like many of you, however, my subject will be on TAC advertisements over the years.

The TAC, which stands for the Traffic Accident Commission was established by the Transport Accident Act in 1986. There have been over 40 television advertisements produced by the TAC covering a range of areas concerning road safety, drink driving and just general driving, Most of the TAC advertisements that have been produced are available to be viewed on YouTube and they can be viewed at
The TAC is known for its powerful road safety public education campaigns which emphasise the personal costs of dangerous driving practices (such as speeding and drink driving) using emotive, educational and enforcement based themes.

The TAC's most well known slogan is "If you drink, then drive, you're a bloody idiot" This very popular slogan was introduced in the December of 1989 when the TAC created their first TV commercial titled "Girlfriend" ( and the slogan still used today. This slogan has been broadcasted in various parts of Australia as well as Victoria over the many years.

The TAC has evolved over the many years, from their very first commercial in 1989 to the present, 2013, With over 100 different commercials that have been played in these 24 years, the first ad targeted trauma from road accidents, with their