Taco Bell Corporation

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Strategy Memo: Taco Bell Corporation
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DATE: August 30, 2016
TO: Ms. Laurie Gannon, Public Relations Director of Taco Bell Corporation
COPY: Taco Bell Corporation Senior Executives and Le
FROM: Letonie Whitaker, Taco Bell Senior Manager
SUBJECT: Public Perception and Brand Protection

Laurie Gannon, Taco Bell Corporation’s Director of Public Relations received a phone call from the governments Relations team. Normally, she receives phone calls from the department to ensure that she is aware of Taco Bell’s affiliation concerning governmental agencies. As always, Laurie expected it to be a typical phone call to give her an update of the company, but this time the situation was different. Laurie was told that a particular group
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After coming to a conclusion that Taco Bell could be possibly receive negative exposure from the media, she began making phones to make sure they were prepared to handle the situation as best as possible. It almost seemed as If the dilemma was planned accordingly, due to the short of amount of time at hand to reach out to the company and notify the main executives of Kraft and Taco …show more content…
The protein was given the name StarLink as a plant pesticide. The approval allowed the corn strain to be used only as a commercial use to feed animals. Warnings must be put into place to be reassured that StarLink would not be available on the market for human consumption.
• In April 1999, the Environmental Protection Agency denied Aventis permission to allow StarLink to enter the market for human consumption due to allergen concerns.
• In August 2000, a lot of corn-based products became an interest point and were placed through a chain of tests. This included 23 products on the leading corn-based products, which included the Taco Bell Home Originals taco shells and taco kits. A recall was placed on: Taco Bell Home Originals 12 Taco Shells, Taco Bell Home Originals 18 Taco Shells and Taco Bell Home Originals 12 Taco Dinner (12 Shells, sauce, and seasoning).
• On September 22, 2000, the press release an article stating that “Kraft has pledged full cooperation with [the] FDA . . . [and Kraft] will discontinue production of the taco shell products until . . . [the] products are in full compliance with all regulatory