Taco Bell Customers Essay

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James R Davis
Professor Lisa Kirk
English 1101
8 July 2010
Two jobs, bosses, or employers (or current job and dream job) Throughout high school I worked two fast food restaurants, and I had a good experience on how those jobs affected me. In my early days of school I was working at McDonalds, I couldn’t work that many because I was a minor, but every day that I worked was very intense. There were times when the employers and I couldn’t keep up and stations ended up getting really messy. In my later days of high school I started working at Taco Bell, where I noticed that the customers were local members of the store and how the employers got well acquainted with the customers to know what they wanted to order and how they wanted it. Taco Bell was a better fast food restaurant than McDonalds due to its better quality in food, the service they provided to each and every customer and the cleanliness of the environment. It was a friendly experience while I worked here and showed me that not all fast food restaurants are the same. Although fast food restaurants must have is speedy service, not all of the restaurants have the good quality of food. All are setup to keep their customers to come back, but most lack the friendly experience that all customers want to experience. For instance, fast food restaurants such as McDonalds may appear to have less value for their food which attracts customers because of the dollar menu that has been establish heavily in the store. Because of the dollar menu establish at McDonalds, the quality of food in that menu may be low because the customer’s order a high order value bought for that food and due to that fact, orders may be wrong, the food may be missing certain ingredients and this is the main reason why restaurants such as McDonalds lose customer’s each year. Although, Taco Bell is also a fast food restaurant they build a good reputation for themselves due to their good quality in food. They also have a bargain menu called “why pay more” and this is food actually less than a dollar with tax unlike McDonald’s ninety-nine cent menu. Taco Bell main purpose is to make their quality of their food stand out among most, and this is a quality that I’ve experience as an employee and customer. Taco Bell emphasizes a lot on customer service in treating every customer with care and actually getting to know the customers for future references. Working at both restaurants before Taco Bell customers seem to feel more comfortable than the customers who order at McDonalds. For example, while working at McDonald’s customers check their food all the time to make sure their orders are right, in contrast to the customers at Taco Bell the cashiers actually call out the order and check to make sure all food is present before actually giving the customers their food. Often I find it more of a hassle to order at McDonalds because I feel like I’m being rush all the time, customers come in there demanding their orders giving the cashiers attitudes and the cashiers give attitude