Taco Dinner Short Story

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It was taco Tuesday in my house. Ma had been prepared and excited for taco Tuesday since last taco tuesday. “Dinner” ma shouted throughout the house. I put my book down and went to Jess’ room to go and get her. I told her that dinner is ready and about to be served. I didn’t actually know if it was going to be served anytime soon, but I’m assuming based on passed dinners. Ma is usually always on time with taco tuesday it was her favorite day of them all. Most times I feel like Ma is lonely because her husband(my dad) was arrested for being a notorious kingpin. Of course Ma new about this but she always wondered where the money was going because he never spent any of his money on important things like us and our wellbeing. When we got downstairs it feeled different, it felt as if …show more content…
For some odd reason mom liked ketchup on her taco. It is nasty. She always liked the taste of ketchup on her taco. Well at least that's what she tells us. After dinner I told Jess to say thank you to mom for making dinner/ preparing dinner. After Jess said thank you I told her to go upstairs, brush her teeth, and get to bed.
I walked into the kitchen to help Ma clean up the dishes and such. When I got in the kitchen I heard somebody weeping I slowly walked in and saw Ma. I didn’t know what to do. Should I confront her? Should I comfort her? Should I walk away and go upstairs? Before I could decide she turned around and said “Jose, I thought you went up with Jess.” “But I always help clean up after dinner.” I said firmly. “You're right I don’t know why I had thought that.” She replied. Thinking that Ma could get away from this I quickly said “Why were you crying?” She turned around and said “Was I?” “Ma you're not fooling anyone seriously why were you crying?” she said “When you're older you’ll under….” I didn’t let her finish when I said “Not this speech again, just tell me why you were