Tactful Acquisitions Essay

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Tactful Acquisitions and Merger of The Walt Disney Company improves its financial performance

Gain familiarity with the case situation: The case contains details about Walt Disney Company that gives a lot of knowledge about the business environment and merger and market position that improves the company’s financial performance. One must understand all the calculations for all the investors, creditor and financial managers to strengthen their decision making in the entertainment and resort industry.
Define the issue or problem: According to Latif, Jaskani, Ilyas, Saeed, Shah, & Azhar, (2014) “The Walt Disney Company current ratio is greater than 1, representing that their assets can shield their liabilities, showing an increasing trend in a year to year analysis.” Earnings per share are increasing and the earnings for the company and its net profit margin are increasing by the year showing the profit of the sales.
Conduct your analysis: The purpose of this article is to understand how Walt Disney Company can achieve great profitability that will be very helpful with the company to grow in future projects. Managing the operation of different theme parks, resort destinations, and a variety of Disney vacations will be a great challenge. According to Latif, Jaskani, Ilyas, Saeed, Shah, & Azhar (2014)”The Walt Disney Company is moving towards a future where advanced technology and globalization is its core achievement. The company is increasing its global presence