Tada: To Kill a Mockingbird and Courage Essay

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Crystal Hughes Intro Paragraph
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Courage is bravery dressed up for a date, bravery is usually being

strong; but on a date, bravery becomes courage-with much more emotion and

feeling. The sovereignty of overcoming troubles is courage. It takes emotion and feeling

to convey and project courage. Courage is rare it’s rare because it’s mostly about doing

the right thing and confronting pain or fears. To be courageous is to be strong, fearless,

and vigorous. No fear can be shown. If a person is not strong the courage they carry is

weak, because there is no support for the courage to lean back on. For example when you

stand up for someone who is being bullied, it is courageous because that person might

frighten you, but you do not want that person to hurt your friend Anyone can be brave,

but not everyone can have courage. In To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee admires

courage in the South in the 1930’s. Lee portrays courage through the symbolism of the

roly-poly bug.

Roly-poly bugs are diminutive little bugs. They are harmless creatures. The

roly-poly has an armor type shell to protect it. When it is frightened or feels threatened it

rolls up into a ball, it will stay that way until it feels like it is safe. The roly-poly

symbolizes courage because the roly-poly is so small ,compared to everything around it

yet it still continues with the everyday life to survive. Harper Lee includes the roly-poly

bug to symbolize the courage of African Americans in the 1900s. Whites held more

power, and to them blacks were a tiny piece of society, but blacks went on living their

everyday lives doing what was needed to survive.

Tom Robinson was a very courageous man. He spoke up to the judge about what

really happened between him and Mayella .Haper Lee shows Tom Robinson through the

roly-poly bug. Scout is most of the people of Maycomb and the roly-poly is Tom

Robinson. The people of Maycomb want tom Robinson to be sentenced, when Tom is

only a harmless, innocent creature of god; referencing back to the roly- poly with

courage comes combativeness and Tom Robinson is combative because he goes to court