Tadi Short Story

Words: 821
Pages: 4

That night, Tadi was walking to the party with his cart of animal hides ready to sell a lot of hides. I love parties. They are fun and I get a lot of money when I go to them, thought Tadi. When he got to the party he saw that Moctezuma was already doing his speech. Tadi wasn’t paying attention because someone was buying a sloth hide but at one point he heard the crowd gasp. He was done giving his speech a couple minutes after the gasp, but Tadi knew that he would have less business until the fake gods left.
The next few days everyone was in panic because of the speech. Nenetl his neighbor was out today and she loved his hides. “Hello neighbor,” called Tadi. “Would you like a new hide?” “No thank you,” replied Nenetl. “But do you sell knives?”
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That’s out of control thought Tadi. Tadi needed to see Moctezuma if he wanted to cut it down because if you wanted to do anything you would have to ask the landowner. When he got to the mighty palace he saw something horrifying. The so-called gods had Moctezuma on long metal chains leading him out of the palace and over one of the causeways. Moctezuma was covered in corn kernels that were stained red by the blood all over his body.“Get these chains off me fakes. I am the landowner and I can order warriors upon you at any time,” said Moctezuma nastily. The so-called gods just scowled and laughed at his face. “HELP,” shouted Moctezuma “HE-.” The men stuffed a bag over his face and all you could here were muffled shouts. After Tadi saw this he ran toward Zuma’s house seating from fear and tiredness. When he got to Zuma’s house he found Zuma in his bedroom sharpening his spear. Zuma noticed Tadi after he tripped over an anvil in the middle of the room. “Zuma you have to contact the other warriors right now,” yelped Tadi dusting himself off. “Why?” asked Zuma. “Moctezuma was just captured by the fake gods,” said Tadi. “by the time I get the other warriors they will be long gone,” said Zuma. “I know but-,” “Tadi they are gone,” said Zuma sadly. Tadi knew what was going to happen too; they were going to kill Moctezuma. “We should at least tell the people of Tenochtitlan” Tadi said. “No,” said Zuma, “it would put them into more panic.” “then what shall we do?” asked Tadi. “We shall wait to see if they bring him back alive,” replied Zuma. “Okay but that will make it so we will have to do a sacrifice to the god of death so he can spare Moctezuma,” said Tadi. He doubted that they would come back but he didn’t want to argue with Zuma because he didn’t want to lose his only friend in all of Tenochtitlan. “Okay I will round up the priests and the prisoners,” said Zuma. He ran out the door very swiftly and that