Essay on Taiwan and Globalization

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The Effect Of Globalization On My Country

Globalization refers to the advancement of not only the efficiency of communication but also exchange of cultural information. It has been beneficial about the economy of Taiwan, but the pollution caused by globalization cannot be ignored as well. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, where I come from, is totally affected by the globalization. There are both positive and negative changes provided by the globalization toward my homeland. One positive effect of globalization is the significantly improvement of efficiency about communication between people. Before the age of information explosion, the mode of contact that people can chose were limited. Telephone and letters are only gateway for communication, the price is expensive and the efficiency of letters is extremely low. Nowadays, Taiwanese are able to keep in touch with the outside world conveniently. For example, my parents can talk to my sister and me in the United States by using the computer software cheaply, the young access the Internet to absorb the latest knowledge around the world. They can know what technology product being available in other countries, what special food is eaten in the specific corner in the world. By using the information channel and development of technology, the distance between Taiwanese and the people of the rest of the world are shortened greatly. Another benefit of globalization is the exchange of cultural information, which can make more and more people know our country, developing the value of culture of Taiwan around the world a lot. David, one of my American friends, who often came to Taiwan to visit me during the Chinese New Year. He told me that he always can enjoy the atmosphere of Chinese New Year and the traditional celebration of my hometown, it allows him comprehends the special meaning of my culture a lot. Furthermore, Globalization helps Taiwanese realize and learn the advantages of culture of other countries too then enrich their own cultural connotations. For instance, some people in my country now also like to have a celebration party in the Thanksgiving Day. They think that the conception of Thanksgiving Day is considerably meaningful, people should treasure the resources they have and help each other. Globalization definitely helps the merge of the different cultures around the world. The important negative effect of globalization is the destruction of environment. Taipei