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Taiwan has been the wealthiest land in the Southeastern China since ancient times. Due to its advantageous geographic location, it is also an important pass for the communication between eastern and western countries and an island of great military importance. Therefore, Taiwan was invaded by foreign powers many times in history. Since the Kuomintang failed in civil war and escaped to Taiwan, Taiwan issue has became one of the most complicated issue for China. Personally, I support the Chinese government, but I can understand the situation of Taiwan. In my perspective, no matter how much support Taiwan can get from local and overseas. It is not possible for the Chinese government to allow the independence of Taiwan. Many western people believe that the communist party is the biggest impediment of Taiwan’s independence, and Taiwan could be independent if the communist party falls. My idea about this is the same as the ex-premier, Zhu Rongji which is “ you don’t actually understand the history and culture of China”. The reason why China strongly disagrees with independence of Taiwan is not such simple, there are profound historical and realistic reasons hiding behind. First of all, in most Chinese people’s mind (“most” means more than 90%), Taiwan is a part of China since ancient times without doubt and China absolutely has sovereignty over Taiwan. Whether or not western and Taiwan people think so, the government cannot let Taiwan separate from mainland because that disobeys the will of the people. Then, because of the particular geographic location of Taiwan, the independent Taiwan will harm the safety of mainland badly. Today, the Taiwan issue is unsolved, so the other countries, especially the USA cannot give Taiwan military support directly like sending army there. But once Taiwan became an independent country, they definitely will sign mutual defense treaty with the USA and ask the military help from America to protect them. We all know that the USA already has a large number of troops in both Japan and Korea. If the USA military bases are also built in Taiwan, the whole Southeast coast of China will be under military threat. That’s what all the Chinese people do not want to see. More importantly, the independence of Taiwan could bring more danger to China because it may become a good example of secession. China is a multinational country with a huge land. With my 20-year experience in China, there certainly are contradictions between nations and nations, areas and areas. If the independence of Taiwan becomes a truth, it may cause a domino effect of secession. Taiwan, which has a majority of the Han nationality could even be independent. Tibet, Sinkiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Guangdong all have their reasons of being independent. China may follow the same disastrous road of the Soviet Union. I appreciate the policy China having on Taiwan issue, which is "peaceful reunification, and one country, two systems", and both this policy and the 8 propositions show the mainland is sincere and friendly on cross-straits issue. My understanding of the Chinese government’s attitude is that there is nothing cannot be negotiated only if both sides adhere the “1992 consensus”(the “one China” principle). Like Zhu Rongji has said: “ We can make a concession, because the concession is made to our own Chinese.“ But as what I pointed out before, the Chinese government cannot afford the consequence of independence of Taiwan. I think this is why there is a controversial proposition called “not promise not to use force”. Hopefully, the cross-straits issue can be solved peacefully by more and more communication and cooperation on economy, education, sport, science and technology. One coin has two sides, in