Take A Closer Look At That Cover Girl

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Laura Fitzgerald
Professor Reed
English 101
23 Jan. 2014
Take a Closer Look at That Cover Girl
Imagine a tall, graceful woman with slender hips, a slim, toned stomach, and perky breasts. When this is visualized many people think of a famous athlete, actress, or model that they admire. The media and society have set these standards for women, and it has become an ongoing challenge for women to obtain these standards. In a world full of eating disorders, extreme dieting, and excessive makeup, the media’s scrutiny has created excessive problems for women and the mental image they set for themselves. This is apparent mostly on the cover of magazines. Through magazine covers alone, the media has created a perception of beauty and health that is unrealistic, and unnatural for the everyday woman to perfect.
Most magazine covers say it all. Whether it is Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan, both magazine covers are most likely featuring a half naked woman in a sexual stance or pose. Many can argue the woman is strong and confident in her own skin, but what people do not see is the distorted perception of reality. Most women do not look like the airbrushed enhanced models on these covers. The models give men and women a so-called ‘perfect’ image of what a body should look like to be considered healthy and beautiful. This puts a magnitude of pressure on everyday women that is unnecessary. Women are so driven to look perfect, they harm themselves in extreme dieting, plastic surgery, and eating disorders. Many have seen the Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence scrutinized by the media for her weight, even though she looks great the way she is. Lawrence is confident in her own skin, and does not let the media change the person she is, or the body she has. It is wrong to give women a ‘perfect’ image to uphold. The media is the main blame for this problem.
What many people do not realize is that the models on these covers are caked on with makeup, and their blemishes are airbrushed away. Makeup hides every flaw on a person’s body. When women put on makeup they put on their ‘lying face.’ Society and the media has made women fool others to fit in, or feel confident with themselves. It is wrong for women to have to think that they cannot be comfortable in their own skin. As a society women need to show that they are strong, confidant, and not afraid to hide whom they truly are. This is where the media wins the battle against women. Media created this image, and society has learned to accept, and embrace the new definition of perfection.
Magazine covers feature articles like “How to look sexy,” “How to get tight abs,” and “Diet’s