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Morgan L Tigue
Media 1
Ms. Rosenberg
Take Home Final
Answer #1 In television I’ve found that a brand new primetime television show that airs on the ABC Thursdays at 7PM called “How to Get Away with Murder” is very coarse. The main focus of the first season is a lawyer and her law students finding out if her husband slept with one of his students, impregnating her, and then killing her. Every episode included more than 5 scenes of sexual contact and even 10 or more scenes of violence being shown. If the show is not focusing on violence or sex it tends to get very boring.
We watched a movie in class & I misplaced the title to the movie but it showed examples of accelerating violence and one of the examples was that there needs to be a great dosage of violence in order to satisfy the viewers. This show pulls in viewers by showing commercials of sexual scenes and violent encounters. The show is coarse because of the excessive use of sex, foul language and violence every other scene.
Answer #2
In July “The Purge: Anarchy” was released. I never seen the first movie but heard through a group of friends it was a popular film so I went with friends to the free screening at my job at NBC Universal. The movie mainly revolved around going on a killing spree for 24 hours around the world. There’s no protection from the police, no emergency services are available, and you can kill an unlimited amount of people without being charged as long as it’s within the 24 hour time period which is from 7PM to 7AM. It was amazing to see how many people turned out to go see the movie not only at my job but worldwide. My friends and only found it entertaining because of the suspense you endure while seeing who is going to be killed next. There was a killing spree that went on for 10 minutes at one point and I was completely engaged the whole time. There was a lot of happy violence going on in the movie which was something we just learned about in the last film we watched. The opening message of the movie promoted that you can do anything you wanted, one of the characters talked about killing a man who had killed his son as a drunk driver and had recently been released from prison. It promoted that all things could be solved through violence. I’ve even observed some people saying they wouldn’t mind having a real purge and I think it’s scary that people can take something from a movie that’s not supposed to be real and want to portray it in real life just because they saw it on the screen.

Answer #3- I recently watched Nicki Minaj’s music video for her song Anaconda. Throughout the video there is multiple scenes with here barely having any clothes on and there’s also a scene where she’s doing pull ups with weights and her almost bare behind is out. The director of the music video also put scenes together where she would make sexual references to certain parts of the male body and the scene would go along with the current lyric whether it was cutting a banana in half, her playing with a snake, or just holding a banana up to her face. The rest of the video includes a bunch of women in small bikini tops with underwear. I seen the video on MTV while I was up getting ready for work and didn’t even know that a video like that could be aired because of the extent of the vulgarity. It goes back to a film that we recently seen that stated how much powerful sexual content is meant to stand out for a reason and that is to attract viewers & the film said all women are viewed to just want sex in all most videos and that’s all this video focuses on. When you listen to the song the message is that I want sex and you can give it to me or I can go get it from someone else. The music video is very easy to access on TV and internet, which isn’t a good thing with a household that has children in it and have easy access to them. That music video is a great example of how much sexual content videos contain these days.

Answer #4
I recently seen a magazine ad