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Report into Take Panes Ltd.

EDEXEL Professional Certificate in Management Studies Level 5
Unit 6: Managing Activities

For: Neil Warren,
Chris Townsend
Prepared by: Izabela Kadziolka
Date: 21/02/2010


1. Problem identification 4
1.1. Lack of motivation amongst the Take Panes employees 4
1.2. Lack of communication between employees and management 4
1.3. Lack of organisation 5
1.4. Lack of planning 5
1.5. Unhealthy environment and work condition 5 1.4.1. Unpleasant and uncomfortable PPE 5 1.4.2. Unacceptable environmental temperature 5 1.4.3. Dusty and noisy environment 6
2. Statement of key problems 6
3. Generation and evaluation of alternative solutions 6
3.1. Motivation 6
3.1.1. Hire purchase portable cabin 6
3.1.2. Reward for employees 7
3.1.3. Recognition 7
3.2. Communication 7
3.2.1. Weekly meetings 7 3.2.2. Develop non-identification questionnaires and discuss findings 8
3.3. Organisation 8
3.3.1. Implement new layouts around the workplace 8
3.3.2. Implement containers and labels to stack sheet glass in order 8
3.3.3. Reorganising of Zones 9
3.4. Planning 9
3.4.1. Design new training scheme 9 3.4.3. Organise quality circle 9
3.5. Environment and work condition 10 3.5.1. Identify and supply appropriate PPE 10 3.5.2. Implement air-conditioning 10 3.5.3. Set up regular cleaning plan 10
4. Recommendation 11 4.1. Motivation 11 4.2. Communication 12 4.3. Organisation 12 4.4. Planning 12 4.5. Work condition 12
5. Implementation 12
6. References 13
7. Appendices: 13
Appendix 1 SWOT Analysis 14
Appendix 2 Brainstorm 15
Appendix 3 Ishikawa diagram 16
Appendix 4 Critical Path Analysis 17

Introduction and Executive Summary

The subject of this report is Take Panes Ltd. It is company, which operates in the Midlands and specialises in customising sheet glass products for the building trade and domestic DIY markets. They produce high quality chamfered, shaped, engraved and mirrored glass panes for specific customers. The company managed to operate at a small profit for the last six years, however their Sales Department has not been particularly successful and a high number of breakage and poor quality of many of their products has constantly reduced their profit.
The Production Department is divided into five specialised operational zones, each of which is managed by Zone Foreman. The zones are called accordingly to the activity, which take place at them: Cutting Zone, Drilling Zone, Chamfering Zone, Polishing Zone and Packing and Dispatch Zone.
The purpose of this report was to analyse the systems and find key problems, which interfere at Take Panes Ltd. Specific objectives were to find solutions and recommendations to minimise the cost and maximise revenue to retrieve former customers or win over new customers.
The main problems that have been identified are the major problem of staff motivation, lack of communication between employees and management, lack of organisation, lack of planning and unhealthy environment and work condition.
The recommendations for the motivation problem are hire purchase portable cabin as well as reward and recognise employees when they achieve their aims.
For the problem of lack of communication, it has been recommended that weekly meetings will be held and that non-identification questionnaire for shop floor employees will be organised every six months and the findings will be discussed at the meetings.
In regards to establish better organisation it is recommended to implement new layouts around workplace as…