Take Your Kid To Work Day Essay

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Take Your Kid To Work Day
By Estee Katz

For take your kid to work day I went to my fathers office, which is at the department of justice. I got to his office at 8:00 which was just in time to see the sunrise. At 8:30 we met up with other kids in grade 9 and a few employees started taking us to different buildings. The first place we went was the courthouse. A few judges spoke to us about their different departments of law and cases. One was the court of appeal which is the last place you can take your case to if you think it was not judged properly. We then had some roaming time and got to go see bail hearings. A man was not granted bail a women was and the last man we did not finish watching. Then it was time to go to The Public Prosecution Service of Canada. There 2 police officers spoke to us about drugs and the laws and effects of them. This I found was very interesting because they showed us some drugs that were confiscated and I found it neat to know what kinds of things they do. Our next stop was back where we started and our first speaker was a man who worked with aboriginal rights and the peace treaty we have with them. We had a long discussion on if it seems right if your great grandfather was aboriginal the special rights but if your great grandmother was not then you would not be granted those rights, which is the current law. In discussing this we continuously went back to the constitution of right section 15 and section 1. Our second speakers were a man and a women who do what my father does which is deal with government law. We then discussed to fictional laws as if they were real and debated wether or not they were a good idea. The first law was that teachers have a right to search any students locker