Take the Job or Not Essay

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Matt Hollis and Centerville Supermarket
Shan Lu
Johnson &Wales University

I. The Stakeholder analysis
In this case, I have known that Matt Hollis is the owner of the Centerville General Store, which was set up by his great grandparents one hundred years ago. This store had been handed down from generation to generation. Although it was always a good source of income of Matt’s family, there is a slowly decreasing recently. At this point, the Supermarket has called Matt and offered him a good opportunity to be the general manager of the Centerville Supermarket, according to this company is going to open their markets here I this town. Obviously, it can bring a great benefit to his family, but the some local businesses will be
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Stakeholder coalitions 1. Matt and some people in the community. 2. The government and the company. 3. The government and the police 4. Matt and Bill or the company.

II. Course of Action
If I was in Matt Hollis’ position, First of all I would talk about this with my family. Considering my decision may lead to a great influence to both my family members and the generation business. They have the right to know what I am going to do and the decision to make their choices.
Secondly, I would collect the information about the current economy in the Midwest. It is true that the economy in this area is weak, however, nobody would know if it is going to recover just because the big supermarket’s joining in. The weak economy is a phenomenon, it is not changed that easily. If the situation does not change, all the actions which have been made for starting the Centerville Supermarket will come out as just a waste of time and money.
Then, I would call Bill Harrington and set up a meeting which we were going to have. During that meeting, I would share my worries with him, such as the fading of my family business and local business. If it is possible, we could set up some agreements together to protect the local business without causing any negative impact to their new plan. For example, we can make the price a little higher, when the supermarket has the same items in the local stores. Because so it is a big company, their