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Takeo and His Mirror Your whole history of information, known facts, all of your family, heirs, assigns evanesced with a flicker of fire. The neighbourhood where everything known to your encephalon’s limits, where your own birth was located, imagine that gone. Envision yourself flipping through one of the most interesting books you have ever read and then reading through the next chapter only figuring out that the book has completely switched topics. In Lian Hearn’s magic-realism story (set in medieval Japan): Across the Nightingale Floor, to be able to put yourself in Takeo Otori’s (the protagonist) position is the fact of going through a restart. Going through something like giving up your life, not whining about your whole family’s death without showing signs of pain is an accomplishment that would take ordinary humans many years to adjust to. Throughout this essay, the conflicted feelings of Takeo that are introduced throughout the book will be discussed. One of his conflicted feelings is generated into the story almost as soon as you start reading; his traumatizing moment of losing everything. In the later stages of the book, he is frequently reminded of the deaths of his parents in the book. One example of this would be when Lord Otori tells him to yield his mourning for his mom. Another role of this moment is the feeling of giving up. During his early stand up to Iida, a sense of giving up flourished in his mind for a few seconds because he asked himself, what is the point? He doesn’t have a single relation that he knows of that is alive, his whole village has burned down, he doesn’t have anywhere to go. But his decision was a wise one, taking himself down the path of righteousness. Another one of his conflicted feelings would be his relationship with Kaede Shirakawa. Although their relationship was developed quite late in the novel, their relationship is overall quite distorted. It’s like two shy love birds