Taking Care Of Our Men In War At The Hospital

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Dear Cyan,
I am over in Europe taking care of our men in battle at the hospital. I got a letter from my boss when I was in America and she told me that I should go out with some other volunteers to take care of them. I really wanted to make sure we got our men back out in the fields but by the looks of it I can tell we’re not getting much accomplish due to the lack of sanitation equipment and the need for more medicine. The other nurses are nice only because we feel bad for our men and we need each other for help. They respect me only because I am one of the leaders and they wouldn’t be doing as nearly as good as if I wasn’t there.
My experience here is very unique, I mean how many times do you walk into the hospital and see guys with no limbs, not very often that’s for sure. Working out here is nothing alike to the environment of a stable hospital, with sanitized equipment. During this time, I have used mobile x-rays to see the wound of the bone and also sanitation napkins. We used to work with disposable or washable napkins. With using these new technologies I can find what is wrong with a person easily and the sanitation napkins are much cleaner than using others.
With this experience I have become a stronger, stable person, due to the fact that I had to stay calm in the most horrific situations. With men being wheeled in and they know that they are going to die sooner than later in the war, these men are tough with going through stitching and other immediate