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Personal Narrative
Sagar Shah 9TC
*Names have been altered* There I was for the first time, backstage where all I was saying to myself was, “Just relax, don’t freak out and don’t mess up.” I looked to my left, there I saw my best friend Jake, who was as nervous as I was, “Chill dude don’t worry,” I said to him, “if we mess up, then we’ll mess up together.” He looked more nervous than ever now, I shouldn’t have told him that we would mess up. I knew we shouldn’t sweat it because we had been practicing our dance for seven weeks now. It was too late to back out now as I heard Mrs. Becker call out our names and told everyone about our talent, a choreographed dance. I pulled Jake along with me onto the stage, I pictured a gym packed with teachers, students and parents. When we reached the center of the stage with the spotlight beaming down on us, I squinted and looked out towards the audience. I was relieved to see that there were only a few new faces, “we got this,” I told Jake right before the music flooded the gymnasium. We went off, the music was filled with enthusiasm which made us hit every move with a pump. I looked over to jake, his frown had turned into a grin. We were living in the moment, singing along to the music as we subconsciously powered through the dance. The aroma of popcorn enlightened my nostrils, I got side-tracked and started to think about all of the good food they were serving and I wondered if my friends saved me any. I