Essay about Talent That Grows from the Concrete

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Jewart Carigo
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August 5, 2013 Although some people would say that I am “intervening” their lives in resolving their conflicts and issues. However, my top talent theme of “restorative” should realize that I am actually a potential help for them. Because I am kind of person that has the ability to resolve conflicts and turned their life back on smoothly. According to the authors of the book, StrengthsQuest, those people who have a restorative talent “are adept at dealing with problems” that “they are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it”. (Clifton, Anderson, and Scheiner 27-28). This refers to as they have skills in finding and tracking errors, problems, conflicts easily and intuitively analyze the problems in their surroundings whether it’s for individual, family, and others and they fixed it so well. Also, they have skills of interpersonal intelligence which is having the ability to understand other’s feelings, motives and emotions. In example, I used to work in hotel with diverse people when my co-worker told me to stop intervening in our department. I don’t mind what they said about, instead. I can’t help it but I love to do it. Since I’ve been there done that, why not to help and resolve the conflicts because I don’t want our department to suffer. All I want is a smooth operation and a happy working environment.

When someone’s first glance on me, I just seems difficult to approach because I'm pretty quiet person but they do…