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Shania Maddox
Jan 29, 2013
Period: 8th
If I could change the world

Have you ever wondered what you would change if you could change the would? If I could change the world, I would do it by putting an end to abortion. About 4,000 babies die a day in the United States. About 120,000 babies die each day in the world. That's in only one day, and that is a lot of babies. More babies are killed a day by choice than the total men killed in World War II. 545,108 men were killed in World War II and since the year 1995, 34,000,000 babies have been killed by abortion. if I could change the would I would put an end to abortions because it is a silences cause , it has taken away what may have been millions of heroes , and there is no parental guidance involved for children. Abortions have taken so many innocent lives away from this very cruel world; taking millions of children a day. Studies say that we would have to be quiet for 10,000 hours if we were quiet a second for each baby that was killed by abortion. That is over a year. That is a long time to be quiet. I don't know if you could do it, but I know I couldn't be quiet that long. For instance, did you ever wonder why we don't have a cure for AIDS or a cure for cancer? With all the babies that have been killed maybe one would have grown up and found a cure. Think about how many famous athletes, musicians, scientists, and teachers must have been killed. How many Michael Jordan’s, Beethoven’s, or Albert Einstein’s have been killed? In some states this is considered a crime but its been done so many times day by day some people don’t look at killing an unborn child bad or heartbreaking. For instance, in the state of Ohio, there is a law that says if an "unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, who is or was carried in the womb of another is killed, it is considered a form of murder or manslaughter." That means that in Ohio if you get in your car and have an accident, and an unborn child dies, you can be charged with a form of murder. But, a pregnant woman can get in a car and get an abortion killing the life inside her, and it is not considered murder. I can't go to the mall and get my ears pierced without my parents signed permission. But I could go to an Abortion Clinic and have an abortion without my parents' permission. It seems to me that what they are saying is that getting my ears pierced is more important than a life of a child. What would make a woman consider abortion? Could it be fear? Women have abortions because they are afraid their lives will change: they are afraid they can't afford a baby, and they are afraid they will have to raise the baby alone.