Taliban and Afghanistan Gains Independence Essay

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History and Conflict
Main events:
1800s: Hub of British-Russian battle for regional dominance.
1919: Afghanistan gains independence from limited British control.
1979: Soviets invade; mujahadeen rebels fight back with help from US, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
1989: Communists fall; mujahadeen factions wage civil war.
1994: The Taliban, a Pakistan-sponsored hard-line Islamist movement, emerges.
1999 - UN imposes an air embargo and financial sanctions to force Afghanistan to hand over Osama bin Laden for trial.
2001 September - Ahmad Shah Masood, leader of the main opposition to the Taliban - the Northern Alliance - isassassinated.
Afghanistan was control by England at the late eighteen century and early nineteen century. The main impact of being controlled by England is they made their first democratic government.
Recent Conflict:
War in Afghanistan (2001–present) - the intervention in the Afghan Civil War by the United States and its allies, following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
Civil War/Coup d'état:
There were on going civil wars at the late twentieth century, and basically it was a conflict between the ethnic groups within Afghanistan:
1988, when the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, the mujahideen rebelled
1992, the mujahideen’s rise to power- the communist government collapsed, new government established, and Taliban trying to bring it down
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Afghanistan is one of the world's leading producers