Taliban: Taliban and Heroin supply Essay

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During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. supplied the Mujahedeen with Soviet weapons. It was a covert war. The United States used Soviet weapons and Afghan fighters to avoid obvious claims by the Soviet Union that we were directly engaging them. After the war, the Mujahedeen took over and morphed into the Taliban. The weapons that we once gave them are now used to fight against us. After the Soviet Union collapsed, many Soviet weapons were sold off on the black market and have circulated ever since, available to anyone with the money and the connections to make the purchase. Afghanistan has the greatest illicit opium producer in the world. They are accounted for 75% of the world's heroin supply. Opium is likely the biggest source of cash for their operations. The Taliban buys massive quantities of poppies from Afghan farmers, converts it into opium and heroin and sells it to the West. Another factor with the opium is that by purchasing it from the local farmers, the Taliban supports them. It is difficult to end opium production in Afghanistan because it is legal there. Burning down their crops would convince the farmers to go to the Taliban. With the money they get from selling the drugs, they are able to buy and smuggle weapons from other countries with similar interests like Iran, to fight the American troops. Money funnels into terrorist organizations through illegal charities around the world who support terrorism.
Ever since the Taliban were removed from power, they moved to