Talk Money Session Plan

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Lets Talk Money Course


This session is intended for clients who wish to gain further knowledge of priority and non priority spending. This session is ideal for groups of 8 – 12 and will take 2hrs to complete. It is designed to give individuals a clear understanding of what is priority and non priority spending and the consequences attached when it comes to managing their money.

The session offers individuals the chance to participate in group activities and improve their knowledge and understanding in a safe, friendly environment.


By the end of the session, learners will be able to:

• Understand and identify priority and non priority spending

• Be able to use a spending diary

• List some consequences attached to priority and non priority spending

• Knowing where to access advice and help with money matters

Lets Talk Money Course - Session Plan

|Objectives |Method |Resources |Time |
|Register and welcome learners |Tutor input |Attendance sheet / name labels |10 mins |
|Housekeeping and practicalities |Group participation |Blank flipchart paper | |
|Introduce session and objectives | |Flipchart pens | |
|Discuss working agreement | | | |
|Introduction of individuals (optional) | | | |
|Exercise One: |Tutor introduction |Activity sheets 1 & 2 |30 mins |
| |Group split into small |Blank flipchart paper | |
|Spending Activity |groups Whole Group |Flipchart pens | |
| |discussion | | |
|Spending Diary - Handout |Tutor input with handout |Handout of spending diary |10 mins |
|Break |Break |Break |10 mins |
|Exercise Two: |Tutor introduction |Blank flipchart paper |40 mins |
|Common bills and debt |Group split into small |Flipchart pens | |
|Identify common examples of bills and debt |groups |(Prepared flipchart paper from | |
|Understand consequences of not prioritising |Group discussion |previous activity – to be displayed | |
|bills and debt | |on wall) | |
|Check understanding and evaluation |Group feedback and |All previous work completed |20 mins |
| |discussion |(attached to wall if applicable) | |
| |Individual evaluation |Evaluation sheets | |
| |sheets | | |

Exercise One – Group Spending Activity
Small Groups
(30 mins)

• Display cards with items of spending on (sheet 1) in each group and give each group £900 to spend (sheet 2 cut up).

• Each group to decide what they will spend their monthly income on.

• Ask the group to select