Talk Radio and Russell Essay examples

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For this observational exercise I watched a MSNBC news talk show with Russell Brand. The talk show was discussing Russell Brand and his new comedian act called Messiah complex. Comedian, movie star, author, and host of his own show Brand X is discussing his new act with three talk show hosts. They begin the conversation by complementing Russell and his outfit he thanks them for the compliment and kindly gives them a complement as well. They first address his boots asking if they can see them so he puts his feet up on the table. Right after the host says “keep your feet up make yourself comfortable”. Russell takes it as a sign of over stepping his boundaries and doesn’t want to disrespect the program but justifies the action with saying you did ask to see the boots. Russell movies his foot and the table separate. The male host calls him out saying he just disrespected the table. The three talk show hosts seem to make a joke out of Russell brand not taking the actor entirely seriously. They begin by asking him if he has a Messiah complex. He then tells them no it is actually a mental illness they then tell him that they all suffer from some illness. The male host tells Russell he can never understand what he is saying over the radio. He can hear him when acting in movies and on tv but on the radio says he cant seem to interpret. (his accent). Russell then tells the man maybe you shouldn’t listen to me while driving you might drive off the road and hit somebody. Russell says he…