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Talley's Folly is the story of one night in the lives of two unlikely sweethearts, Matt Friedman and Sally Talley. The takes place in a broken down boathouse on the Talley farm in Missouri. It is the Fourth of July in 1944.
The play opens with Matt directly addressing the audience, telling them that the play will take ninety seven minutes (which I did not know was part of the play), and he also points out different things about the boathouse, like how run down and old it is. While on vacation in Lebanon, Missouri the previous summer, Matt met Sally and has sent her a letter every day since. With no hope, he asked her to marry him.

One of the aspects of the scene that really caught my eye was the actual boathouse. It really seemed to be so real and I really felt like I was there. They gave it an old run down look and I can actually feel the scene as if I was in it.

The theater as well, I believe, was a bit cramped seating-wise. But the stage was a perfect fit for the boathouse. I gave enough room for the actors to move around breathe. In this play I believe Matthew, the main character, was the actor that stood out to me in this play. He really was portrayed as a”brave coward”. to me a brave coward is someone, in this case Matthew, that doesn’t want to lose the girl of his dreams, so he sums up enough courage to go see her, but is a bit of a cowered because he wont look for another girl maybe one that will write him back.

I believe a meesasge that the producer and the playwright wanted to send out to people was a message about love. Love is a very strong subject and can bring people to do crazy stuff, like travel to a different state in a town that you are