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Impact of working environment
• Employers should create a work environment which meets all the legal requirements and is comfortable for the employees.
• Employees and employers should reduce potential risk;
• Falling objects• Hand tools
• Moving objects
• Wear and tear
• Slips trips and falls-

Evacuation assembly points
• Information for a fire emergency evacuation must be in a detailed fire policy, there are fire action notices put up around the college on every floor and room.
• The colleges fire point Is at brew house yard.

Site buildings works
• The risks of onsite building works is that it creates a noisy atmosphere and can interrupt or distract the work of the staff and students at the college.
• Workers may have to enter a hazardous area when moving around the workplace.

Organic infestation

• Employers and employees are responsible for reporting any sightings or signs of pests for example bugs, cockroaches and flies etc...
To prevent these they should:

Using pest-proof containers
Proper waste disposals
Avoiding build-up of stagnant water
Ensuring that the buildings are properly cleaned

Vermin infestation

• Pests damage and contaminate food, as they can gnaw through electrical cables and cause disease.
Within the college canteen area they must take responsible precautions to prevent these by:
• Making sure the college is cleaned properly and to cover up the holes in the building and make sure all surfaces are cleaned well and waste is disposed properly.
If there are already rodents then the college employer should;
• Take precautions before and during clean up of rodent-infested areas and make sure you they are wearing protective clothing.
• They may also use a pest control company

Rodents - rats and mice.

Dampness and mould
These health implications include:

Eye irritation, leading to inflammation or watery eyes
Asthma attacks or even the onset of asthma
Respiratory problems due to the mould spores getting into the lungs
• Mould was classified as a Category 1 risk to health under the Health and Safety Hazards Rating System.

Temperature and ventilation
• Fresh air is needed to dilute and remove impurities and odours and to dissipate excess heat.
• Legislation requires that every enclosed workplace should have effective ventilation, which provides a sufficient amount of fresh.
• The college has windows to provide sufficient ventilation. • The temperature should be at least 16°C unless much of the work involves severe physical effort, in which case the temperature should be at least 13°C.

Hygiene facilities
• All workplace environments need to be hygienic and safe for employees and visitors.
• The gym should be equipped with washroom facilities such as clean toilets and sinks at the college. Data protection act 1998
• To protect the business personal data
• Danger; the information could be misused or get into the wrong hands
• Names, addresses, contact information, employment history,