Taming Of The Shrew Feminist Analysis

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William Shakespeare wrote many plays about feminism. Common topics of feminist studies of Shakespeare include examinations of patriarchy, gender and sex roles, and the relationship between gender and power in Shakespeare's plays. “Taming of the shrew” is one of the play which shakespeare wrote in perspective of Feminism. During the Renaissance, the controversy over women took various forms, sometimes debating their basic nature, their legal and moral rights, their clothing, and their behavior. “The Taming of the Shrew” centers on appropriate and inappropriate female behavior (shrewishness and scolding), particularly within the enclose of a marriage wherein the husband was traditionally viewed as the ultimate authority figure.
The play “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare is ahead of its time in its views toward gender roles within society. Katherine is a woman who is smart and bold but also , and is not afraid to speak her views on any given situation. Katherine is described as a shrew because of her sharp tongue and harsh language to those around her, often causing offence, for example, ' 'Iwis it is not halfway to her heart.
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Her anger and frustration are displayed in fits of temper in which she fights with her sister, Bianca, who is conforming to society’s expectations ( 2.1.288-32). Bianca views Katherine’s misbehavior as a negative reflection upon her and possibly womankind, asking, “Is it for him (referring to one of her suitors) do you envy me so?” (2.2.18). Katherine responds by striking Bianca, physically striking out against the traditional role of Renaissance women. Bianca represents to Katherine everything that is wrong with Renaissance society, and the two women do not understand each other; their dispute represents a conflict in ideologies, not just a sibling