Tammy Wingate week 6 Record Controls Essay

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Record Controls
Tammy Wingate
Elizabeth Sage

All facilities have a different way in handling their files, but as long as the handle them as the law requires than it is acceptable, nor does it really matter how. Small, medium and large facilities have different ways in handling the paper records. The small facility has three different locations, two in their facility and one that is off the facility in a climate controlled storage unit. This holds the older files whereas the newer ones stay in the office until the patient is no longer attending that facility and then, after allowed amount of time, they are placed in the basement. The older files are moved to the storage unit. All files are gone through yearly so the ones that have reached 10 years or older can be shredded. The medium sized facility automatically scanned in all documents and shred the documents once scanned in (this facility is straight EMR). The large facility did not have different locations, they kept all files in one area. When it came to a chart circulation the small, medium, and large facility had made sure that all medical staff was trained on where the charts were kept. As far as being the biggest problem with medical records the small and the medium facility had the same input. They both stated that information can get mixed up with other patient’s chats and can lead to misdiagnosis and loss of records. In turn will lead to other problems such as fines and or suites. The larger facility issue was records being deleted and having to request those records again, which can cost time and money being spend due to the records being lost. The smaller facility took a very different approach on physical storage to ensure the privacy of the patient’s charts. They had a storage facility for the older files, a basement for the files that had not been seen for a year or more, and then they had an area behind the receptionist for the newer patients and the patients still being seen by the physician. The basement was locked at all times and patients were never allowed behind the receptions area. The storage unit was always locked down and no one knew where it was located except the Office Manager and the Physicians. The medium facility made sure that all records were stored on their house database and the staff made sure it was backup every night and the office manager took the backup off site in a safe and secure location. Now the larger facility stated that all medical records are kept in the patients chart and the only way these charts could be accessed was by knowing the patients social security number and date of birth. When it came to taking measures of personal handling to ensure the privacy of the medical record the smaller facility had a sign in and out sheet for the files. The medium facility had a designated person to ensure that all staff knew the privacy policies and made sure that they followed the procedures daily. The larger facility had one individual handle the patient’s charts and had to file the patient’s documents in a timely manner. This facility took extra measures and had the patient’s charts on a program that required a password that only the individual and the office manager had the password to access these files. When it came to producing a lost record the smaller facility had files and EHR. So if the document was not in the chart than it was on the Electronic Health Record program that they had.…