Tanakh and God Essay

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Bible 104, Survey of the Biblical Literature

April 18, 2013

Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books


The book of Numbers is one of the five books of the Law. This book records the story of how God was preparing the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. God provided all of their needs, food, clothing and instructions on how to accomplish this task. Instead of listening to God’s instructions the people began to crumpled, complained which allow sin to over took them. God was not pleased therefore, he adding an additional 40 years to the journey that would have only taken weeks to travel. God used Moses as the vessel who patiently guided a rebellious people. God punished some but spare the nation because of Moses prayers. Aaron was who is confirmed as God’s high priest. Miriam found out that discontent don’t pay, Joshus was chosen to succeed Moss. Caleb was a servant that really trusted God. The old generation died out over the 40 year period and God rose up a new generation that entered into the Promised Land


The book of Ruth is strictly a narrative genre. The key people of this story is Naomi, who loses her family and hope; Ruth who loyal to Naomi and the Lord and Boaz, who finds and unexpected wife. It is customary in the Mosaic Law for a woman with no children to marry her husband brother and raise an heir in the dead husband’s name. This custom was called “levirate marriage,” which was to protect the family’s property and the window welfare. Because both of Naomi son’s died which were the husbands of Ruth and Orpah, they had little chance for future marriage if they continue to stay with her. Orpah did decide to leave and return home, but God moved on Ruth’s heart to stay with Naomi. The key word in this story is faithfulness. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to show how God used these three people to remain strong in character and true to him even when the society around them was failing. God uses Ruth and Boaz faithfulness to connect them as husband and wife.

Songs of Solomon

The book of Songs of Solomon is a passionate and celebration of married love. The genre of this book is merely wisdom in the love relationship area. Songs of Solomon puts relationships between man and woman in perspective and Solomon reminds us that God created humans with a wonderful capacity love and ho to receive love. God invented Sex and He intended to demonstrate how it delights the married and to bond hem closer together. God use Solomon’s love of his marriage to show the contracts on how much he loves his people. There are five major topics that are pointed out in this book sex, which is a gift from God for his people. Love is the beauty of relationships and romance. Commitment is the power of love in relationships and marriage is celebrating on a daily dedication to each other. Beauty is not just physical but the inside beauty is made of God. Lastly, Problems in relationship can be resolve through all of the other attributes and having God in the center of your life.


The book of Jonah actually falls under two different genres, prophecy and narrative. As a narrative the book is a story form that has a plot, character events that develops a climax. The story also is mainly about Jonah receiving a calling from the Lord to preach a repentance message to the natives of Nineveh. Jonah did not obey the Lord’s instructions to go to Nineveh. Fear took root in his heart causing him to plan an escape from his assignment. Therefore, he went to Joppa and boarded a ship to the city of Tarshish. While on the ship a storm arose and in order for the sailor to save themselves they through Jonah overboard. Jonah…