Tang Dynasty Essay

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Written reflection Qing dynasty was the last dynasty in China. It was collapsed and taken over by communism. Although Pu-yi, who was the last emperor of Qing dynasty, attempted to re-gain the power and the throne, he ended up not success. Yes, I think it is inevitable that the dynastic system in China come to an end because the changes of the citizen’s new idea, the external relations and other reasons. During the 18th to 19th centuries, the world was moving toward “euro-centrism”. People believed everything in Europe was good, and trading with Europe was the smartest thing to do. On the other hand, China rejected to trade with British, who had the greatest military power at that period of time. Also, China was restricting on the opium that smuggled from India to China and exchanges the silver into British economic. All of these elements sparked the Opium war. The Opium war caused China became semi- colonization due to the unequal treaties they signed with European countries. Therefore, China was not really control by the emperor anymore, but the British government. Moreover, during the 18th and 19th century, when nationalism rose, Chinese was underestimated the British’s power. Therefore, China became a prey of Japanese and British and became colonized due to lack of industrialization. Qing dynastic systems declined because they were not caution and industrialize enough to restrict colonization. Therefore, they have to become the one to obey. As the time moving forward, societies have their own thoughts and ideas. People were tired to listen to the “king”. Qing dynasty also had an internal change-peasant revolt. Sun Yat-Sen, the first leader who published the communist party always believed that China should be democratic, which meant to rule by parliament and constitution. He wanted to benefit everyone equally in China. Although communism once been collapsed, he changed the dynastic system into