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Tangerine Inspiration
There are many people who have made an impact on my life such as footballers, celebrities and friends. He may not have the dazzling dribbling skills of Lionel Messi or the humongous drive of Tiger Woods, but the one person who has made a significant impact on my life is my step dad, Blair.
I first met Blair when I was about seven and he was going out with my mum. Not long after he moved in with us and got engaged to my mum. My first impression of Blair was that he seemed like an intelligent, friendly person. Back then all I loved to do was play football, but when Blair moved in he got me playing sports besides football such as golf and tennis. Since then I have taken golf more seriously and I now consider myself to be a greatly improved player at the game.
When my mum and dad got divorced I was very upset and my mum found it hard to cope with everything going on. While studying for college she had to do a lot of other things such as taking my brother and I to school and to football training. I felt really sorry for my mum, but when Blair arrived it made things a lot easier for her. Blair had a short hour job and was able to help my mum by taking us to football and collecting us from school. He also took us out if my mum was busy with something such as studying. This made me feel fantastic because not only was my mum happier, but my brother and I had someone to play football at the park with. I felt over the moon when playing because it was great fun