Tanglewood Case Study 2

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Thank you for choosing DTH external consultanting, we have been hired by your company’s Staffing Service. We have looked over your Company and the staffing problems your company is experiencing. It seems to us that your company is concerned with how to staff your new stores, as well as, your stores that are already in business in order to keep your company’s goals. In this report you will find that there are many things we see eye to eye on that your organization does, on the other hand there are some things that your company should change in order to uphold your strategic staffing levels and quality. The staffing strategy requires making key decision about the acquisition, deploying and retention of the organization’s workforce. First, identified the nine different staffing levels that are presented in exhibit 1.7 of the textbook “Staffing Organizations” by Herbert G. Henenman III.

Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent
Tanglewood being the well-known company that it is has a great strategy that encourages all of their employees to be self-reliant and to voice their opinions if they have any new ideas for improving/changing the company. I believe by developing talent from within the company supports this type of strategy. By training employees that are already within the company, to be managers, Tanglewood would be able to coach these employees a certain style of management that they feel will be emphaizing the company’s mission as well as their vision. If the company took time to investment in their employee’s then this would help motivate them because they will feel like they are doing their part in continuing to make the company profitable. This could and most likely lead to a greater overall performance by those employees.
Hire Yourself or Outsource
Since Tanglewood already has a Human Resources Department I for see there no reason to outsource. Outsourcing is very costly and tends to cause problems. By doing your own hiring, it has ways of providing better quality employees that will fit the company’s model profile of an employee. This will provide an easier way to search candidates. This is because your company will already know what strengths or traits you would like an employee to have. By doing this Tanglewood will have a blend of different, but specialized employees that will help benefit the company.

External or Internal Hiring
I believe that internal hiring is a better strategy for Tanglewood to use than external hiring. My reason for this because hiring someone inside the company ensures you that they already have a feel for the company’s goals as well as how the company operates on a daily basis. This lets everyone have the chance to start as an associate and work their way up to higher positions like management. Employees that are motivated to get raises and promotions tend to work hard to achieve them. This strategy also allows the company’s customs to blossom. If we look into to Tanglewood goals and values we can see that all employees are working as one family to maximize customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. If you were to hire externally I believe this will ruin the company’s goal or value. .Core or Flexible Workforce Tanglewood views that the core workforce of a company is essential for the organization’s values and culture. They feel there must be a work force of committed and qualified individuals who will assist them in keeping their values they believe in for the future. I believe it will not be easy for Tanglewood to continue with their current values if they use a flexible workforce. In order to stick with and develop the corporate values and cultures Tanglewood already has, I believe they should continue to use a core workforce. Like I have stated before this company works as a family and having a flexible workforce wouldn’t work in this type of organization. “In “Staffing Organizations” it states, that the flexible workforce is composed of more