Tanglewood Case Study 2 Case 4

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Christine Tiernan
Professor Campbell
Planning and Staffing
Case Study #4
April 7, 2015

Case 4
April 07, 2015
To: Marilyn Gonzalez and Daryl Perrone
From: Tiernan Consulting Firm
On the proposed systems for Tanglewood, we have a lot of choices to consider when looking at our predictors associated to citizenship, absence, performance, and advancement potential. The Marshfield Customer Service Bio-data Questionnaire and Essay ended up being the best predictor of citizenship. The Bio-data had a connection of .22 and p-value < .01 when comparing to citizenship. This is the most elevated connection to citizenship and is ended up being statistically significant. When you look into the correlation vigilance to absence, Vigilance is best associated at -.33. Vigilance also has a p-value<.01 making it basically and statistically significant. Performance was seen as closely correlated to the applicant exam at .34 which also makes it basically critical. We need to also take into account that none of our correlations are moderate or high. This means that none of our comparisons are going to be practically significant. Just a few of the comparisons weren’t statistically significant.
Validity of Selection Methods
Tanglewood presently utilizes past experience as a part of the fields of education, work experience, and interview score to foresee citizenship, absence, and advancement potential. Out of these predictors, education had the best correlation at .14 and a p-value < .01. Education is seen as statistically important however not essentially significant. Work experience was a decent predictor of performance and advancement potential. Work experience had a .16 relationship to performance and a p-value < .01. Even better, work experience had a relationship to advancement capability of .18. Work experience was statistically significant to both performance and advancement potential. It additionally had a p-value < .01. Interview score had a correlation of .16 and a p-value < .01 with advancement potential. Interview score is seen as statistically significant when taking into account advancement potential.
Finding Good Candidates
The information in tables 3.1 and 3.2 demonstrate that employees with a more elevated amount of education and work experience have the biggest effect on the employees' performance in the areas of citizenship and performance. The stores utilizing the new proposed strategy are receiving a more in depth and descriptive analysis of the elements that affect how an employee performs. By utilizing the new system Tanglewood managers will have more criteria readily available and will have the capacity to make more informed decisions to help guarantee that they procure the best candidates for the position. We are of the feeling that the two best predictors that