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Tanglewood Case 1 As an external Human Resource Staffing Consultant, I would recommend that Tanglewood utilize my suggestions for the following 13 staffing decisions:
Staffing Levels:
1. Acquire or Develop Talent: Tanglewood should develop their talent in order to fulfill any staffing needs. This allows them to learn the culture of the company. It is important part of Tanglewood's mission statement to have every employee understand the original organizational culture of "always keeping performance and customer service in the forefront". Developing talent within the company will promote the teamwork aspect of Tanglewood's organizational culture by having each employee learn every position. Additionally, this creates the cohesiveness of integrating every work level into one team. If Tanglewood does not have the talent within their current employee pool, then they should look at acquiring a new employee. If this method has to be utilized, I would recommend having the new employee work at every level of the store in order to fully understand the organizational culture and team concept. This process will help keep Tanglewood's culture close to the founder's mission statement.
2. Hire Yourself or Outsource: Tanglewood should hire all new employees. The Human Resource Department just revamped their practices and policies for each store to follow Tanglewood's organizational culture by hiring an external Human Resource consultant to combine each stores different staffing policies. Tanglewood's Headquarters Staffing Department now processes and supplies each store with a unified staffing strategy. Tanglewood is fully equipped with the right resources and tools necessary to select and hire the qualified candidate that is the best fit for the organization. Additionally, the new policies devised by HQs HR department provides new interview and job vacancy announcement techniques that resulted in positive feedback in selecting new employees. They accomplished this by taking suggestions for each store and developing a staffing strategy that allows each store to improve staffing selection practices to fit the organization.
3. External or Internal Hiring: Tanglewood should utilize internal hiring practices whenever possible. This will promote a stable and committed workforce that Tanglewood needs in order to promote the founder's ideals in which made Tanglewood a popular department store. When a company hires within employees will take ownership with the company because they know that have potential for career possibilities. Additionally, it encourages employees to work harder in order to benefit the company because of the stock options Tanglewood offers.
4. Core or Flexible Workforce: Tanglewood's ideal organization culture requires that the company utilize a core workforce. This type of workforce promotes employees to take ownership with the company because they are long term employees. These type of employees are composed of full and part time employees. They are an asset to Tanglewood because they understand the culture and the company's unique mission of providing the customer with the best shopping experience. Tanglewood should shy away from flex workers. If extra manpower is needed, they should utilize their part-time employees to fill in these extra hours. This will promote Tanglewood's mission of excellent customer service, because the employees are familiar with the store's products and environment.
5. Hire or Retain: Tanglewood should retain employees. It will help reduce overhead costs, which will allow Tanglewood to remain competitive with their competitors. Additionally, it will increase retention rates because employees know they potentially have a career possibility.
6. National or Global: Tanglewood should recruit employees globally. This will promote a diverse environment within the company. Recruiting globally will increase Tanglewood's possibility of selecting an employee who fits the founders views of the company.