Tanglewood Chapter 3 and 5 Essay

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Chapter #3 – Question #5
Northern Oregon The recruiting methods primarily used in Northern Oregon are media advertising, kiosks, and staffing agencies. This region decided against employee referrals due to the reasoning of employees receiving financial bonuses leads to the hiring of unqualified individuals, selected only due to favoritism. The Northern Oregon region’s suggestion of using kiosks and staffing agencies should be implemented. The fixed costs for a kiosk is relatively low in comparison to other methods at $20,000.00. Due to the entire application process is completed electronically and scored automatically, there is no material cost. While the fixed rates of the cost of setup for an agency are higher, estimated at about $70,000.00. Statistic show candidates from staffing agency tend to have a higher qualification and hiring rate, as well as the 1 year retention rate.
We would suggest that other regions implement using staffing agencies. This method of recruiting does cost more per hire than other sources, which happens to result in the quality of applicants being higher. Also, to maintain the unique culture that Tanglewood has developed they would need to inform recruiters of the characteristics within candidates that are in search for. Many candidates without prior retail experience are unaware of the importance of customer service. While using a staffing agency, some candidates that might not fit into the company culture can be weeded out.
A systematic approach can be created in the recruiting process, starting with all regions using more formal methods such as media and staffing agencies a sense of. The use of these recruiting methods will allow Tanglewood to attract a larger pool of diversified candidates. This will aid in the need of Tanglewood to address the issue in low employment of women and minorities.
Chapter# 3 – Question #6
Measuring Employee Performance Alternative considerations should be used to measure employee performance besides cost and retention. Cost and retention should not be the “bottom line” metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of a recruiting source. It is important to remember the total added value that each recruiting method provides. Other metrics that should be considered to measure employee performance are high quality talent, time to find applicants, and volume and efficiency of work produced. An examination of rather the recruiting source is internal or external will determine the difference in measuring employee performance for Tanglewood. Tanglewood practices hiring internally for higher positions within the organization and externally for lower and entry level positions. The applicant pool for higher level positions would be smaller than for entry level positions due to the applicants being confined to within the company. For these higher level positions Tanglewood would be given the advantage of speedier process of finding applicants as well as a better opportunity to identify good candidates verse candidates that are not qualified. When it comes to entry level positions and external hiring practices, the best recruiting method should be based upon the effectiveness of the recruiting sources outside the organization. Time will be a huge factor within finding suitable candidates for these positions. Tanglewood has a unique culture, it would also be important to stress this to candidates, as well as the structure and history. It is important for Tanglewood to evaluate the effectiveness of their recruiting sources. There will need to be a comparison between the benefits and setbacks of using internal verse external. What recruiting methods are providing the best talent for the company? Retention and qualification rates need to be examined as well. Time is known to be something we can never get back. Time is another metric that needs to be observed in the effectiveness of recruiting methods. Tanglewood needs to observe the time it takes to